VOSHAARNOOI ‘Single' 2018

Voshaarnooi cover Ike Moriz 2018 Louis van Rensburg Izak van der Merwe Afrikaans South Africa pop folk easy listening ballad Moriz arrangement

Release date: 21.04.2018

Nostalgic Afrikaans language pop/folk ballad written by Louis van Rensburg and Izak van der Merwe, re-arranged and recorded by Ike Moriz in 2018. iTunes link here

Read the lyrics: here.

©(p)2018 Eike Moriz. Mosquito Records London (PTY) Ltd;

Written by Louis van Rensburg and Izak van der Merwe, arranged, recorded and produced by Ike (Eike) Moriz in 2018 at Paris Recording Studios, Cape Town, South Africa.

Design work: Ike Moriz 2018 

Ike Moriz: Vocals, backing vocals, production, arrangements, bass, keyboards, acoustic guitar, programming.

Kateline Swanepoel: child’s voice/backing vocals

Sound engineer: Paris Zannos

Distribution: CD Baby
Publishing: Ike Moriz (Mosquito Records London (PTY) Ltd)
Sub – Publishing: Sheer Publishing in SA

For further information and/or interviews with Ike Moriz, please contact
Mosquito Records London / mail@mosquitorecords.co.za

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Paris Zannos and Ike Moriz at PARIS Recording Studios, Cape Town, South Africa.