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173. Hamburger Wochenblatt Bille, Seite 9, Franziska Klotz, Hamburg, Deutschland, 23.08.17 (Foto: Guido Schwarz): “Ike Moriz on Serrahn" 

Bergedorf (fra). Under the header "Music on Serrahn”, bands of different musical styles are playing during the summer months on the stage in front of the quayside of Serrahnstraße on the water. The Bergedorfer shipping line provides a ship for this purpose. For Thursday, August 24, the association Bergedorfer Hafen e.V. has invited Ike Moriz. From 7pm, the South African singer, originally from Wentorf, will perform his program of jazz and swing together with the Bergedorf saxophonist Kurt Buschmann. "We have deliberately selected acts from different musical genres so that many people will feel attracted and spend some great evenings at the Serrahn with good music and nice weather, "says Michael Wenk, one of the board members of the association. On Monday, 21 September, the group "Blues Package" will perform from 7pm. The association Bergedorfer Hafen e.V. has the goal to promote "art and culture" around the Bergedorfer Serrahn and thereby contribute directly to the revival of the Serrahn area.

"The pearl of Bergedorf deserves a different perception," says Wenk, "and these events of the association will contribute to this". The costs are paid by the association, the entrance is free, if needed, seats need to be brought along. The club has announced that in uncertain weather conditions, the concert will always take place in the Klangbar at the Suhrhof, the admission is free.
Photo: Guido Schwarz Photography ( IKE MORIZ sings on the Serrahn in the open air on 24th August, otherwise in the Klangbar.)

172. Hamburger Wochenblatt Bille, page 4, Hamburg, Germany, 09.08.17 (Photo: M. Le Roux): "David Bowie cover on a bright summer's night.” Interview with musician Ike Moriz about ‘Tonteich’ concerts, 'South African feel’ and his fans

Ike Moriz Tonteich 2017 Gold Rush Tour Kurt Buschmann David Bowie George Michael Wohltorf Bergedorf Schloss

South African singer, producer and songwriter Ike Moriz is back on tour in Germany until the end of September. On Saturday, August 12th, the musician, who grew up in Wentorf, will perform at the Tonteichbad in Wohltorf. 'Bille Wochenblatt' has been talking to him ahead of his show. The questions were asked by Franziska Klotz.

Mr. Moriz, what makes singing at the Tonteichbad special for you?

I am very happy that this year's "Gold Rush Tour" brings me to the Tonteich in Wohltorf again. In South Africa, I often perform outdoors, e.g. this year’s concert with the Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra at the 'Valentine Under The Stars’ show. Somehow, this kind of concert always creates a very special atmosphere - especially when surrounded by such beautiful nature like at the Tonteich lake: the view of the still, mirror-like water, the tall trees of the Sachsenwald and the lush greenery of the area. Due to its geographical location, Cape Town has no long, bright summer nights like Hamburg. From 8pm it's as black as the darkest night.

What songs can the audience look forward to this time?

As with the first two tour concerts last week in Berlin and Geesthacht, I’m bringing along a new album with many new songs - even a David Bowie cover (Golden Years). Together with renowned Bergedorf saxophonist Kurt Buschmann, who also accompanied me last year on the Love Swings Tour, we play songs from Swing, Jazz, Blues and Easy Listening to Pop and Rock. Of my own classics, Starry Night, Love Swings, Cape Town and Heroes In Red will be part of the repertoire for the night.

The new album is already your 18th. How is it different from the previous one(s)?

My last two albums 'Debonaire' (2016) and 'Love Swings' (2015) were stylistically set in the musical genres of ​​Smooth Jazz, Swing, Latin and Easy Listening. 'Gold Rush' is a melodic, 'blues-rock' return to my Britpop and Glam Rock influences of my first albums, which I had then recorded with George Michael's producer in London. The melodies are catchy and the arrangements upbeat. It was a lot of fun for me to produce this CD. It is like a personal reflection of what is currently happening politically and socially in South Africa and in the world. There is no shortage of fun, but there are also a few thematically dark songs. We live in crazy times!

How does the South African life style influence your music?

A lot of sun, sea, mountains, great climate - all of these help to look at life with optimism. Nevertheless, things are happening in South Africa on a political and social level, which, if they'd happen in Germany, would send the masses demonstrating on the streets: corruption, mass poverty, unemployment, crime, crisis in education and service delivery, inflation, a wavering democracy. But with us in SA, everything is different, so we as a society always find new ways to deal with these big problems in our own way. It is a very interesting phase for this young democracy, where citizens are increasingly learning to take responsibility for creating a better future. Post-apartheid - an exciting time that could perhaps be compared to post-war periods in Europe.

After the Tonteich you perform in Bergedorf. How big is your local fan base?

At home in Cape Town, I have grown accustomed to a big fan base over the last twelve years. Television, radio, newspapers and magazines keep them up to date. Here it is therefore particularly exciting to start again from scratch in a certain sense. I'm really excited about how the fan base grows every year. Last year at the Tonteich show, we had the largest number of visitors of the concert season, and all concerts were booked out at other venues such as the Bergedorfer Schloss. I am of course very glad and grateful, because without this kind and loyal support that we get here every summer, it would be difficult to keep visiting to perform each summer.

Concerts in the region: 12 August, 8pm - Tonteichbad, Wohltorf. 24 August, 7pm: Serrahn Queen - port of Bergedorf. 1 September: Jazzclub Bergedorf - Klangbar, 8.30pm. All tour dates are available on the tour website and on all social media sites.

171. Sachsenwald Zeitung / Glinder Zeitung, page 20, Harald Prädel, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, 08.08.16: "Gold Rush" under open skies". The South African artist Ike Moriz performs at the Tonteichbad open air.

Sachsenwald Zeitung Glinder newspaper page 20 August 2017 Ike Moriz Kurt Buschmann Tonteich open air concert Wohltorf Wentorf Germany blues rock pop David Bowie George Michael London South Africa Hamburg

Wohltorf (hap) - His roots lie in Wentorf, he made his career in his home country of choice South Africa: IKE MORIZ, singer, composer and producer, now returns to his birth place. Almost as a recurring tradition, he spends the weeks of the South African winter in Germany. On Saturday, August 12th, he will give an open-air concert at the Tonteich in Wohltorf at 8pm. The artist is accompanied by renowned Bergedorf saxophonist Kurt Buschmann.

During his tour through Germany which leads him to Berlin, Hamburg and Lübeck by the end of September, Moriz is presenting his 18th studio album, which he recently recorded in Cape Town. The new CD, entitled "Gold Rush", contains a total of eleven songs, including ten originals by Moriz and one cover song of David Bowie's 'Golden Years'.

Moriz, in his own words, presents a new style that stands apart from his popular swing and jazz albums of the last five years. "Gold Rush" offers melodic, smooth and also edgy rock, blues as well as pop songs, which again and again remind of the old master David Bowie.

At his concerts Ike Moriz will also sing those popular classics of swing, blues and jazz, for which the artist is known not only in South Africa, but also in the USA and England.

Photo: Guido Schwarz Photography (caption: Ike Moriz presents his brandnew CD with ten self-composed works at the Tonteich in Wohltorf.)

More than a dozen concerts are planned. In addition to the performance at the Wohltorfer Tonteich, an appearance on the "Serrahn Queen" in Serrahn Bergedorfer Hafen is scheduled for August 24, 7pm.

Ike Moriz, born in Wentorf near Hamburg, first studied economics in Hamburg before deciding on an artistic career. In Dresden, Rotterdam and South Africa, he studied music; he later lived in London for five years, where he met George Michael and recorded his first CD.

170. Markt - weekly newspaper, page 14, O. Jahr, Reinbek, Deutschland, 05.08.2017: “Back to his roots" (Ike Moriz visits home – Concerts in Wohltorf and Bergedorf).

Photo: Ike Moriz and his saxophonist Kurt Buschmann will perform at the Tonteichbad Wohltorf on August 12th at 8pm. The photograph is from their concert back in 2016.

His home is in South Africa, but once a year Ike Moriz returns to his old birth town to visit his family - and to give a few concerts. He is bringing along his latest album 'Gold Rush'.

Wentorf (oja). Every year, at the dawn of the South African winter, Ike Moriz returns to Germany for a couple of weeks to visit his family. The singer and musician grew up in Wentorf where went to school before moving abroad (see->MARKT from July 30, 2016). After detours via Rotterdam and London, he finally moved to South Africa's Cape Town, where he is now a well-known figure in the music industry. Moriz's songs have already topped the charts in South Africa, England and the Netherlands.

The latest album of the Wentorfer was released in May. With "Gold Rush", Ike Moriz returns to his musical roots. "From 2008 to 2016, my main focus was on swing, jazz and latin," the singer says in a conversation with the MARKT. "Now I'm revisiting my early rock and pop roots". "Bowie's music very much influenced me as a young man. I therefore decided to include a cover version of 'Golden Years', Bowie's hit song from 1975, on the new album."

With "Gold Rush", the title song of the album, a small political impact blends into the music of Ike Moriz. "The song describes among other things the current conditions in South Africa", so the singer. "The ANC government is divided and fading, and now it feels like a gold rush: many players are trying to quickly pull resources out of the country." The song "Lawless" also rings with social criticism. "The South African society is growing both negatively and positively. Of course there is corruption and violence, but there’s also an incredibly strong and courageous civil society.” Reflecting this, the song "Heroes in the Red” is dedicated to the Volunteer Wildfire Services, a group of volunteers who are fighting bush and forest fires in South Africa. “I’m hopeful about the future of the country, especially when seeing how society dedicates so much time and energy to creating positive change," Moriz said. The proceeds of the "Heroes in Red” single release go for the Volunteer Wildfire Services.

The album Gold Rush is available as a CD in stores and online via vendors such as Amazon and iTunes et al.

Those who’d like to experience Ike Moriz live will have an opportunity to do so this Saturday, August 12th: At 8 pm, the singer and his saxophonist Kurt Buschmann will give a concert at the famous Tonteichbad Open Air Series in Wohltorf (Am Tonteich 35). Admission is free. In addition, the Ike Moriz Duo performs "live from the boat" on the Serrahn Queen at the Bergedorf harbor on 24 August at 7pm. More information about his performances and songs can be found at

169.  District Mail, page 16, 16.2.17, Somerset West, Western Cape, SA, “Ike Moriz set to enthral Playhouse audiences this month” 

district mail 16.2.17 Ike Moriz Playhouse Theatre Love Swings show sextet jazz band swing theatre show

(Learn more about Ike Moriz who will be adding his special touch to the month of love here in the Helderberg. Tamsyn Gantries quizzed him on a few things.)

How long have you been an entertainer?
I finished both my four-year music degrees in Germany in 1999 and immediately started working as a singer and actor in London. My
first single, Fall Into the Sun, produced by George Michael's producer, was released in 2002 and was also my first number 1 hit. This year it’s been 15 years since the start of my solo career and around 22 years since starting to do music and acting full time.

Did you always want to be an entertainer or is it something that just gradually happened? 
I always knew I was going to be doing something creative and arty. Initially I wanted to be a writer and actor, but realised soon that I could combine everything in my singing/song writing career.

Why did you choose this genre of music?
I currently work in many different genres, from BluesRock music and pop to jazz, swing, Latin and easy listening. The latter developed over the years as it was the most popular genre among my audiences both here in SA and overseas. I love sharing my songs and seeing the joy in people’s faces as they listen to my own melodies and those of the old standards.

What can audiences look forward to when
attending one of your shows? 
My band of top musicians and I will take you on a journey through the hits of the swing and jazz eras, as well as my own classics of this genre. We all have played and worked with these songs for many years and it will be lots of fun to inject new life as well as some surprises into these timeless classics.

When writing music, what do you draw
inspiration from? 
I’m very sensitive to my environment, especially the beautiful nature of the Cape with its positive and friendly people. It’s a big inspiration to me, as well as my wife and children and the way they see the

Where would you most like to perform? In South Africa I’ve pretty much performed everywhere, from Kirstenbosch Gardens and other most amazing venues across the country to city halls, and so on. At the moment I’m doing more and more tours overseas during our winter months, and there are too many places to mention here.

Do you have any “crazy” fan moments?
Quite a few. It often involves people having had one or two drinks too many suddenly sharing the stage in wild singalong outbreaks or otherwise. One of the strangest requests I had, was someone asking me if I sell Michael BubléCDs. . .

What has been your most memorable performance to date? 
My sellout tour in Germany last year was quite amazing, and I was also blown away by singing with the Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra.

Who is your favourite artist right now and why? 
My favourite artist of all time remains David Bowie (Official Fan Site). He’s been the biggest inspiration to me because of his ability to explore new musical genres. His authenticity in what he did was incredible.

What do you do to unwind? 
I love hiking and spending time in nature. I love the Cape more than any other place in the world.

Catch this crooner at the Playhouse Theatre Somerset West on Friday 24 and Saturday 25 February. Tickets, at R120, are available
from Computicket.

168. People’s Post, page 10, Louisa Steyl, Cape Town, South Africa, 08.11.16: "Crooner swings hits, own tunes"

Fresh from his nine-week sold-out tour of Germany, local crooner Ike Moriz is busy putting the finishing touches on his new show. Ike, who lives in Hout Bay, has rounded up some of Cape Town’s finest musicians to join him for an evening of swing favourites when he presents Love Swings at The Rockwell Theatre​ on Saturday.He’ll be joined by Amanda Tiffin​ (piano), Marc De Kock​ (sax), Kevin Gibson (drums), David James Ledbetter​ (guitar) and Sean Sanby​ (double bass) who’ll also be playing some of Ike’s own compositions from his 17-album repertoire.

Originally from Germany, Ike has been living in South Africa since the early 1990s, when he was playing indie rock. His musical studies in Germany, the Netherlands and South Africa, coupled with his performance experience in London, mean that Ike’s influences range from rock and blues to Latin and more easy listening sounds. Lately, however, he says he’s been playing a lot of jazz. “I think most people now know me for the swing and jazz.” It was a pop album that put him on the map though. Ike was living in London, after finishing his studies, when he met George Michael’s producer Steve Kent, with whom he recorded the single “Fall into the Sun”. “It was played in 17 countries,” Ike says, adding: “That was a great start.” While Love Swings will include songs from Ike’s album with the same name, his latest album, Debonaire, released earlier this year, is more experimental. “It’s a bit more electronic and poppy,” he explains. “It’s also the old standards, but with a different beat.”

Not one to let the grass grow under his feet, Ike is already working on a new album, Gold Rush, which he describes as a pop/rock record he hopes to launch it early next year. “The title track is a bit of a James Bond song,” he says jokingly. “It’s a cynical look at what’s going on in the country.” But the album is not just negative, because as Ike points out, there are also a lot of positive things happening in South Africa. Like many of his other albums, Ike is recording at Paris Studios in Fish Hoek. While a lot of his releases are thematically the same, Ike always tries to add a different flavour to his music and often jumps between genres. “I’m always excited to try out new things.” For his show on Saturday, Ike says music fans can look forward to songs by Frank Sinatra​ and Michael Bublé​, along with some of his own songs that fans know. “We’re going to throw in a little bit of blues as well, just to make it interesting.” 

Playing around

He’s also played around with standards. He will perform a Latin version of “Mack the Knife”, for example. Ike says he’s excited for the opportunity to perform with a big band as he doesn’t often get the chance. “It’s an incredible band – they are super tight.” After this weekend, Ike plans to take the show to other theatres and tour the north of the country. “I think I’ve got a bit more to offer than just the usual jazz standards because a lot of my stuff is original – but it still sounds like the standards.”

Ike Moriz will be performing Love Swings at the Rockwell Theatre in Green Point on Saturday at 20:00 (doors open at 19:00). Tickets for the show cost R125 and are available from For more information about Ike visit IKE MORIZ will be performing Love Swings at the Rockwell Theatre this weekend. PHOTO: Grant Smithers Photography​

#PeoplesPost #LoveSwings #Debonaire #IkeMoriz #RockwellTheatre #IkeMorizOnTour #AmandaTiffin #DaveLedbetter #KevinGibson #MarcDeKock #SeanSanby #jazz #swing #blues #sextet #live #CapeTown #SouthAfrica #Greenpoint

167. Sentinel News, page 10, Yolande Du Preez, Cape Town, South Africa, 16.09.16: “Sizzling overseas"


photo by Guido Schwarz Photography (

Hout Bay singer, producer and actor IKE MORIZ returns from a sold-out tour of northern Germany, teaming up with surprise guests to play in an intimate live session at cafe Roux​ in Noordhoek Farm Village​ on Wednesday September 21, at 8pm. His tour was to promote his original swing/jazz/Latin CD #LoveSwings and to launch his smooth lounge album #Debonaire. His songs have topped charts in the UK, Holland, South Africa and Germany, and top SA performers, such as Judith Sephuma and The Parlotones, have shared a stage with him. Since 2002, Ike has recorded 17 albums ranging from original melodic indie rock/pop to jazzy swing. He is recording a rock, pop and blues album – at Paris Zannos​’s PARIS Recording Studios in Fish Hoek – called Gold Rush, reflecting on the insane times we’re living in. 

On the home front, Ike is a family man who wrote the anthem for the Volunteer Wildfire Services during the big fires in March 2015 – Heroes In Red – and is one of the founders of the environmental group Fresh Air For Hout Bay - smells fishy?. Tickets to the show cost R100. Book at

166. The False Bay Echo, page 6, Michelle Saffer, Cape Town, South Africa, 15.09.16: “Sizzling overseas"


photo by Guido Schwarz Photography

Singer, producer and actor Ike Moriz returns from a sold-out tour of northern Germany, teaming up with surprise guests to play in an intimate live session at Cafe Roux in Noordhoek Farm Village on Wednesday September 21, at 8pm. His tour was to promote his original swing/jazz/Latin CD #LoveSwings and to launch his smooth lounge album Debonaire. His songs have topped charts in the UK, Holland, South Africa and Germany, and top SA performers, such as Judith Sephuma and The Parlotones, have shared a stage with him. 

Since 2002, Ike has recorded 17 albums ranging from original melodic indie rock/pop to jazzy swing. He is recording a rock, pop and blues album – at Paris Zannos’s studio in Fish Hoek – called Gold Rush, reflecting on the insane times we’re living in. On the home front, Ike is a family man who wrote the anthem for the Volunteer Wildfire Services during the big fires in March 2015 – Heroes In Red – and he is one of the founders of the environmental group Fresh Air For Hout Bay.Tickets to the show cost R100. Book at

165. Bergedorfer Zeitung, page 12, Thomas Voigt, Hamburg, Germany: “Ike Moriz & Kurt Buschmann love the blues and the swing"


More than 100 guests at the Castle Bergedorf concert yesterday in the courtyard: Ike Moriz (right) with saxophonist Kurt Buschmann. (Photo: T. Voigt)  

Bergedorf (tv). The courtyard rarely sees such a big crowd: More than 100 guests sat under the large awning-tent to listen to Bergedorfs own South African of choice Ike Morizs lunchtime concert. Castle restaurateur Ina Rump and Ike Moriz had invited to a "Love Swings Sunday" from 12pm - in reference to the title of his latest album. Together with his saxophonist Kurt Buschmann who delivered one polished solo after the other, Ike Moriz took his audience on a journey through blues and swing history: Louis Armstrong's "Hello Dolly", Latin American songs such as "Senor Blues" or " Georgia On My Mind ", then Rhythm 'n' Blues with “Hound Dog". And also Morizs own repertoire - such as "The devil is real in your mind" or the bittersweet tearjerker "This could be love" - ​​the nearly three-hour program was fun and entertaining, Moriz's distinctive voice was very versatile, his phrasing always spot on. The finger food by the castle kitchen rounded the Sunday off into a blissful, pleasurable experience. Ike Moriz began his career in London with rock music and independent rock, named none other than David Bowie as one of his role models of the time: “First I made blues, then jazz, then swing - and now I do it all because it's simply fun! His concert tour is now over, hes now going back home - to South Africa.

164. Hamburger Wochenblatt Bille, page 7, by Franziska Klotz, Hamburg, Germany, 03.08.16. (Photo by Guido Schwarz)


163. Sachsenwald Zeitung, page 9, Stefanie Rutke, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, 02.08.16: “Ike Moriz comes to Wohltorf to give a concert. A pop star from South Africa at the Tonteich"


162. Markt Weekly, page 20, O. Jahr, Reinbek, Germany, 30.07.16: “Wentorf boy does it big in Cape Town - Ike Moriz is a sizabe force in the South African music biz


161. Bergedorfer Zeitung, pg14, Thomas Voigt, 28.7.16, Germany: “4 times swing, pop, blues and jazz live - Ike Moriz sings at BeLaMi tonight

Bergedorf. A South African of choice is back in his Bergedorf home: jazz, blues, pop and swing musician Ike Moriz is giving a concert on Thursday from 8.30pm at the BELAMI club. Admission at the Holtenklinker Strasse 22 is free.

The very successful Southafrican singer and composer visits Bergedorf every summer and gives concerts here. This time he presents his 17th album: "Debonaire” - with Swing-songs of the 30's, that he enriched with highly modern lounge-jazz. "An experimental album," says Moriz, who already performed in Bergedorf City early July at the summer festival as well as two weeks ago, at the Bergedorfer Harbour Mile (Hafenmeile). Ike Moriz will also appear on Friday, August 5 at "PlanB" in the Suhrhof in Bergedorf and on Saturday, August 6, at 8pm at the Tonteich Open Air summer concert series in Wohltorf. Ike is especially looking forward to giving a concert at the Bergedorfer castle on Sunday 14 August by invitation of "Café la note": from 12-3pm he will present "Love Swings Sunday" based on Moriz's previous album release "Love Swings".  

"My summers in Bergedorf become longer every year," says Ike Moriz. "This time it's nine weeks. I’ll soon be called a swallow.” This is how South Africans call Europeans who spend the yearly European autumn/winter in the warm Southafrican sun.

(Photo by Thomas Voigt, taken on 27.7.16 at Cafe La Petite Rue)   



160. Bille Wochenblatt, Hamburg, Germany, 27.07.16


159. Bergedorfer Zeitung, “Today starts the Harbour Mile - Massive programme on 2 stages" 15.07.16, Germany

"… parallel to this, there is a visitor from South Africa on the port-club-stage: Ike Moriz, superstar from the Cape of Good Hope and born in Bergedorf, will present samples of the whole range of his repertoire from swing and blues to rock (from 9pm to midnight). He is accompanied by saxophonist Kurt Buschmann. The whole programme here:


158. Der Reinbeker, Lothar Neinass, Seite 25: Kulturelles Programm am Wohltorfer Tonteich, Deutschland, 11.07.16 

“… Direkt aus Südafrika kommt der Sänger Ike Moriz am 6. August zu einem Swing Konzert an den Tonteich. Auch wenn der Sänger jetzt vorwiegend in Südafrika oder in London lebt, ist er mit Wohltorf und dem Tonteich bestens vertraut. Er wohnte mit seinen Eltern in Bergedorf und besuchte in Wentorf das Gymnasium. Nach dem Abitur studierte er in Hamburg, Dresden, Rotterdam und Kapstadt Popularmusik. Inzwischen ist er in England und Südafrika ein bekannter Sänger, der bereits mehrere Alben veröffentlicht hat. Der Auftritt mit Ike Moriz ist wohl einer der Höhepunkte im Kultur-Sommer 2016 am Tonteich…Der Eintritt zu allen Veranstaltungen ist frei. Zur Finanzierung des Programms bitten die Veranstalter um eine Spende."



157. Markt - Weekly, Reinbek, Germany, 09.07.16 (gm/oja): “Jazz and Swing with Ike Moriz”

Reinbek (gm/oja). On Sunday, July 10 at 4pm, Kursana Villa Reinbek, (Am Rosenplatz 12) invites to a concert with the famous artist Ike Moriz. Time and again, the Bergedorf born actor and musician, who is a celebrated pop idol in his adopted home South Africa, returns to give concerts in Germany. On his appearance at the senior residence, he will present self-composed songs and classics from jazz and swing, such as the big hits of Frank Sinatra. Admission to the concert is free.


156. Heidi vom Lande - News from the city, Hamburg, Germany, 03.06.16: “Ike Moriz on tour 2016”

Hey Folks, this summer 2016, Ike Moriz leaves his south-african home of choice in Cape Town to go on tour in Northern Germany. He will also stop in Bergedorf again. In September 2015 I conducted the last interview with him, and now received his news via Facebook.

Brand New Songs

The charming jazz and pop star, producer and actor Ike Moriz will perform at various concerts in Germany this summer. Included in the live-package are his his two new CDs, which he has just presented in Cape Town. Those who cannot wait tillhis arrival in summer, can already purchase them on iTunes, Amazon, etc.

Much can be said: there are two times 13 brand new songs from the Swing / Jazz, smooth lounge and Latin / Easy Listening genres, specifically: 7 new Moriz compositions mixed with 6 new versions of old swing standards on "Love Swings" and 13 lounge-jazz songs on "Debonaire". In addition, Ike is also finalizing a rock album that is still to come out in 2016!

Biografie Ike Moriz

Since 2002, widely acclaimed international SA pop star, singer, producer & actor IKE MORIZ has created 17 albums ranging from original melodic indie Rock/Pop to Latin/Easy Listening, Lounge, Blues & Jazzy Swing (all available on iTunes). His songs are being played worldwide reaching No.1 in the UK, Holland, South Africa and Germany. This versatile artist has also acted in many major international feature films such as ‘Alfie’, ‘Shanghai Knights’ and ‘Love Actually’, and he appeared in local TV programs like ‘Showbiz Report’, ‘Top Billing’ & ‘Backstage’, as well as UK TV series ‘Eastenders’, ‘Family Affairs’ and ‘The Bill’ et al. Rock legend David Bowie awarded Ike’s songs repeatedly as ‘top song of the month’ on his web site!

And there is much more to know about South Africa's own indie pop idol: Click here or read my interview with him here.

Concerts in Germany

Ike has informed me that he will be visiting Hamburg from late June to mid-August 2016 -  and various concerts are planned. I will keep you posted regarding the exact tour dates.

Cape Town concert on YouTube

You can hear and see a few clips of his CD launch concert in Cape Town on youtube (see above)! I look forward to his visit to Northern Germany and especially to our Bergedorfwhere he will enchant us with South African flair. Your HeidivomLande

155. SARIE Tydskrift (page 10), February 2016, VIR SOFIA

In English: "On 'Love Swings' singer, songwriter and producer IKE MORIZ celebrates 'love' with 13 swing / jazz / latin songs. His admiration for the French language, a world of flavors, the film The Italian Job (that also featured Charlize Theron), the beautiful Tuscany (Italy) and singers like Frank Sinatra and Robbie Williams were the inspiration behind his songs. Expect well-known tracks like "On Days Like These", "That's Life" and "Fly Me To The Moon." One of his own compositions, "Sofia", is dedicated to his youngest daughter, Sofia Marie. Buy the CD via for R130 (excluding postage). Also available online on iTunes #LoveSwings #Sarie #IkeMoriz #CharlizeTheron Did you know? Sofia Marie's mother is beautiful Madri, sister of Nataniël.”

Op Love Swings vier sanger, lidjieskrywer en vervaardiger IKE MORIZ die liefde met 13 swing/jazz/Latynse liedjies. Sy bewondering vir die Franse taal, ’n wereld van geure, die rolprent The Italian Job (waarin Charlize Theron ook te sien was), mooie Toskane en sangers soos Frank Sinatra en Robbie Williams was van die inspirasie agter sy liedjiekeuses. Verwag bekende snitte soos “On Days Like These", “That’s Life” en “Fly Me To The Moon”. Een van sy eie komposisies, “Sofia”, is opgedra aan sy jongste dogterjie, Sofia Marie. Bestel die CD by teen R130 (posgeld uitgesluit). Ook aanlijn beschikbaar by iTunes #LoveSwings #Sarie #IkeMoriz #CharlizeTheron

Het jy gewiet? Sofia Marie se ma is die mooie Madri, suster van Nataniel.


NEW CD ‘LOVE SWINGS' out now!! (order on iTunes here):


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