Since 2002, widely acclaimed international SA pop star, singer, producer, author and actor Ike Moriz has created 20 albums ranging from original melodic indie Rock/Pop to Latin/Easy Listening, Lounge, Blues and Jazzy Swing (all available on iTunes et al). His songs are being played worldwide reaching No.1 in the UK, Holland, South Africa and Germany. 

This prolific and versatile artist has also acted in many major international feature films such as ‘Alfie’, ‘Shanghai Knights’ and ‘Love Actually’, and he appeared in local TV programs like ‘Showbiz Report’, ‘Top Billing’ & ‘Backstage’, as well as UK TV series ‘Eastenders’, ‘Family Affairs’ and ‘The Bill’ and 'Strike Back - Project Dawn’. Rock legend David Bowie awarded Ike’s early songs repeatedly as ‘top song of the month’ on his web site! 

‘South Africa’s own indie pop idol’ (The CitizenCape Argus) studied music and acting in South Africa, Germany and Holland after a jet-setting childhood. The multi-lingual  singer, actor, producer and songwriter spent five years in London, fronting rock bands, performing in musicals and running his own label Mosquito Records London, before returning to his favorite country South Africa in 2005. He was voted one of the top five singers in South Africa in 2006. He is the resident entertainer at 3 most prestigious ‘5 star’ hotels in Cape Town. His songs have charted on SA radio while his music videos rock SA TV channels. Ike has performed at all major venues in Cape Town and Johannesburg with his band of top session musicians (e.g. Kirstenbosch, City Hall, Waterfront AmphitheatreFTV, Back2Basics, Blues Room, Green DolphinThe Crypt, etc.). Many top SA artists such as the Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra, Judith Sephuma and The Parlotones, etc. have shared a stage with Ike Moriz. 

On his much anticipated “Millennium Hits Tour 2019” Ike promoted his very first ‘best of’ collection album of the same name in Africa and Europe. In 2020/2021 Ike was excited to introduce his 20th studio album entitled ‘Dragons’ - that he recorded during the South African Covid19-Lockdown. Mosquito Records London also published Ike’s book ‘Dangerous Rhymes’ while the pandemic caused his Dragons-Tour to be postponed to 2021 and 2022. In 2022 the singer released two brandnew singles: a recording of Carson Parks' classic "Something Stupid" (with Cape Town songstress Monique Hellenberg) and a recording of Billy Joel’s anti-war anthem “Leningrad”. 

2023 saw Ike on the road again, touring with saxophonists Kurt Buschmann, Leandro Saint-Hill as well as Steinway pianist Charl Du Plessis in Northern Germany. 

Back in South Africa, Ike is performing at private concerts and he is overseeing the runings of his companies Hout Bay Music (music production, music education) as well as Mosquito Records London Pty Ltd (record label).

Ike is currently on his BLITZ Tour 2024!

In the US, Ike was described as “Bowie without the glam meets Oasis without the self-importance teamed with UK chart alternative without the boredom”.