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Ol website guestbook Ike Moriz 2002

Archive (Aug. 2002 - July 2008):

Lena R. Samuelsen, 25.7.08; Hi ;-) I'm already a fan of Ike Moriz. I love his music :) Take care, love Lena

Liesl Graham, 22.7.08, Johannesbrg, SA: You are an absolute champ and a true superstar! cant wait to play the gig with you man!

Togieda Davis, Cape Town, SA, 30.06.08 ... if I may please extend a compliment (which I hardly do, but in this case is justified). The voice is exceptional, so much passion and character. As for the features, those eyes are heavenlyJ 

Yvette Demas, Cape Town, SA, 01.04.08; Hiya Ike how are you doin? Loong time no speak :-)  Hope you are having a FABULOUS day and keep me posted on ya gigs :-) 

Ewan Taylor, London, UK, 24.3.08; Hey Ike, Really proud of you man. Enjoyed your you tube clip. Sounding good. icy London.

Karl Neef, SA, 02.03.08
Love "Play Me". Bit of a Pulp and David Bowie influence there. Love it, man!

Chantalle, Cape Town, SA, 10.12.07
Your song with Love Jones was fantastic. You guys should play together more often! You rocked Kirstenbosch!!!

Per Vrethem, Sweden, 09.12.07
This is my kinda music..

Milas Petros, Cape Town, SA, 24.11.07
Just wanted to send my best wirshes to you and Brothers with Voices. The CD is amazing. Absolutely top sound & performance! CD sound exacytly like your live sound! Respect, dude!

Miki Rogovski, Cape Town, SA, 27.11.07
Hell yeah... See you at the waterfront!

Samantha Hoy, London, 09.11.08
Hey Ike ...great album :-). Love the opening track .....WHEREOF ONE CANNOT SPEAK . Peace Dream sounds like it has the tempo of a cumulonimbus , to me and of course the extra dark guitars on Still .... ;-) . I believe Jim might have had some influence over that ? ;-)

B. Lewis, Cape Town, SA, 24.11.07
You and Elana Afrika totally rocked at the waterfront!!

Phillip Black, Newlands, South Africa, 24.10.07
Have been lucky enough to listen to some of the new album,
and it's a definite hit! Love track3 "Killing Games"! Check out the medley..

Pravda, South Africa, 24.10.07
You know, the pic looks pop, and the music sounds kinda pop,
but there’s something decidedly shy about the guy. well, that’s what i garnered from the medley… loving the brett anderson vocal inflections. Rad style of singing

Admin,, South Africa, 24.10.07
Hey Ike - When are you going to be performing in Cape Town next ?

Pravda, South Africa, 23.10.07 - this guy is amazing

Megan, South Africa, 23.10.07 ooohh Ike … please have my babies… i cant wait for the new album .. Is there a theme for this new one? please give us a hint

Ash M., Lebanon, 21.10.07 Rock the world! 

Samantha Hoy, Cape Town, South Africa, 08.08.07 I had no idea you were working on a collaborative album ..well done ! And Jim is back too ! ;-) lol ... Keenly await to be taken on a audio journey ….. Let me know when I can lend my ears ;-)

Liesl Graham, Johannesburg, South Africa, 10.07.07
You're a great man, raising the bar. Bring it home!

Maria Uys, Johannesburg, South Africa, 05.07.07
Hello sexy!! Cant wait to hear the new album. How was London? xx! 

Melanie Lodge, Brighton, UK, 05.07.07
Am feeling a little in Awe... it seems you have turned into a super star since I last met you! Congratulations thats some pretty impressive achievements you've notched up! 

Tony de Buys, Cape Town, South Africa, 22.06.07
Hey Dude! How are things? Recording album #3 - cool! :) Hope it does well Ike! 
See ya!! 

Max Starcke, Cape Town, South Africa, 08.06.07
Hey Ike. Fancy meeting you here :) 
all the best for the new album. when's it due?

Gerry Jennings, Johannesburg, South Africa, 05.06.07
what you doin in Londres?!

Max Bravo, London, UK, 29.05.07
Yo boy-o, we need to talk about possible studio time in Cape Town at the end of the Come by 88 and we'll talk over drink...!

Gordon, Plattekloof, Cape Town SA. 14.05.07
Wow!! I was amazed by your talent when I saw you on Mother's Day at the V&A. I would have loved to buy a CD but your sales people had already left when I came up to the table. When are you playing again in Cape Town? Your music is great!!
Another question: Who does your design work? The banner looks amazing.

Felicity, Cape Town, SA. 09.05.07
SA Music rocks - the world should know !! Keep rocking :P

Rozaan van den Heever, Roodeport, Johannesburg, 2.5.07

Miguel, London, UK, 01.04.07
Ike!! Will your new album be available in the UK as usual too?
Looking forward to hearing the new sound!!!

Sven V., Brackenfell, SA, 08.03.07
I saw your concert at Kirstenbosch. It's a shame about the rain
but you seriously ROCK no matter what!!!

Carsten, Vredehoek, SA, 06.03.07
Hey, we went to Kirstenbosch even though it looked like rain and we had such a great time! You are a great singer and a strong performer with an amazing talent! Keep rocking our world! P.S.: My friends loved your new song "Around the world" (if that's the right title!?) !!

Val, Cape Town, SA, 05.03.07
Thanks for the great performance at Kirstenbosch!! X 

Ellen, Stellenbosch, SA, 20.02.07
Hi Ike. Really enjoyed you guys at the 'Rock the winelands' festival!
Who's the new drummer? He plays really well! 

Belinda, Kenilworth, SA, 29.01.07
Hey man. I saw you on Saturday at the J&B met. I was hoping you might perform for us but had to listen to Flat Stanley instead which wasn't quite what me and my friends wanted to hear... Really liked your suit by the way!! It was difficult to stop my girl-friends from running up to you screaming for an autograph (lol). My best friend Jenn is your biggest fan. May I asked if the girl that was with you then is your girl-friend? She looks very nice! Is she a model?

Mari, Edenvale, SA, 27.01.07
It was great to meet you at the COSMO sexiest man of the year party. I still think that YOU should have been on that catwalk, Ike. You're still the most gorgeous guy I've ever had the pleasure to meet. AND I love your music too. Love xx

Karl, Belville, SA, 11.01.07
"Play Me" rocks. Very Suede-like. Great song!

Melinda Bergh, Belville, SA, 03.12.06
I'm your biggest fan, I've got all your songs, videos, posters and T-shirts. You are my star!! HEY, HEY-HEY, HEY: YOU COULD email me and PLAY ME because you STILL make me FEEL REAL and I'm DROWNING when I look into your DULL BLUE EYES. And if you don't email me, I will FALL INTO THE SUN listening to SAD SONGS! Pleeeease EVACUATE ME!!!! :) Mel xxxxx

Christel, Durban, SA, 28.11.06
Hey sexy, I saw your pic in HEAT magazine this week.
Looks like you had a good time at the Fashion TV Cafe one year anniversary! I wish I had been there to see you in the flesh, gorgeous!!! Kisses from Durban xxx

Mbane, Johannesburg, SA, 27.11.06
I think it is great what you guys were doing today at Monetcasino. 

Garth Heuer, Gordon’s Bay, Cape Town, 16.4.06
 Hi Ike, I saw your promotional gig at CD Warehouse in Waterfront, Cape Town, today – and was blown away. I’ve heard that some criticise and say you sound like David Bowie, I don’t feel that’s a criticism – for years there has been a gap in the market for that unique Bowie/Lennon/Pulp sound – you have more than filled that gap, with a refreshing new twist and, what’s more, you are South African – so I feel proud to have met you! Thanks for the autograph, I am stoked on your new album and haven’t enjoyed an album like this for a long time. You now have a new fan and I can’t wait to see you live again – will be one of the first to book my ticket at Kirstenbosch in October! All the best and keep on rockin’!

Jonathan Steed, Clifton, Cape Town, 01.4.06
So you are one of South Africa’s five top vocalists according to ZAZONE. Well, I was one of the guys voting for you!!! You deserve to be number one! LOVE your music and your voice. It’s the most unique thing I’ve heard here in ages. You rock. Keep it up, man!!!

Jenny, Sandton, Johannesburg, 14.03.06
Saw you at the Blues Room and bought a PLAY ME CD. I’m glad I did and also glad to see you live. I’m extremely impressed. Where have you been hiding? I’m very happy that I did go out and meet you that night. I’m sure you will be huge in SA!!! Best of luck, Indie Pop Idol!!

Sophie Alexander, Edenvale, Johannesburg, SA, 09.3.06
Hi Ike, After seeing you on E-TV this morning, I checked out your show with my friends! 
You totally rock! Your song Play Me has been stuck in my head since. Your stuff is addictive! When will you play here in Johannesburg again, and what’s the name of that awesome song you did - only with the acoustic guitar? Come back soon!!!

Karl Neef, Cape Town, SA, 03.03.06 “I've seen "Play Me" on MK89 once or twice now and I think it's a great song. Reminded me a lot of Suede.”

Martin Pringel, Gardens, Cape Town, SA, 22.02.06
SA ROCK has a new face!!!

Giselle, Bloemfontein, SA, 15.02.06; You are awesome. Heard Play ME on Kovsie FM hear in Bloem. It’s on no.2 in our charts (yes, I have been voting lots!!). When will I see you live HERE??? My friends and I cannot wait to see you and your great band! Come soon!!! Love

Maryna, Neilspruit, SA, 12.02.06

Charles, Cape Town, 25.01.06
Finally, man!! Now I can listen to 5FM again! Your songs are rocking! Keep them coming!! You are making us Capetonians proud!!!!

Janine Peters, Belville, western Province, SA, 03.01.06
Saw you at the Armchair Theatre. Loved your outfit. Finally a guy who doesn’t act like a rugby playing lumberjack on stage – hahaha! You have got a lot of style. I dig it!!!

Liezel, Cape Town, SA 14.11.05; Hi, I attended the “Play Me” CD Launch on Friday night and loved the music so much I bought the album! I also want to purchase the Mirrors & Shade CD- where can I buy one?

Llewellyn, Claremont, Cape Town, SA, 30.10.05; Your new band rocks, man! Keep it up! Love you guys! My fave song is Light is Dark for sure!! Xxx

Sarah, Vredehoek, Cape Town, SA, 11.09.05; Thanks for that song you did at Raifiki's last night after Matthew played his last one. What was it called? I want it!!

Melanie, Fishoek, SA, 10.09.05; I was the screaming girl at the bar... remember (you looked at me during the third song).You're my star! Loved 'Hey, hey-hey, hey'! You really got me going there (lol)! Hope to see you live on stage again soon!!!!! Love, Mel xx

Jason Clarke , Cape Town, SA, 30.08.05; Really enjoyed your music at Opium on Sunday. You rock! Great sound... we need more of this in SA! I've heard that you have been away for years in London, ... well, ... thanks for coming back :-) !! Best of luck with the new album and video (sure you won't need it though..)

Veronica Pretorius, Cape Town, SA, 25.08.05; My friends and I had a ball at Raifiki's. It was so cool how you just walked on stage and sang your awesome new song PLAY ME. You've got something very special going and I'm sure we'll be hearing loads more from you in the future. Please keep me updated! See you at your next gig!! Xxx

Natalie Jones, Johannesburg, SA, 15.5.05; Hi Ike, saw you at your last gig here. You rock!!

Amber, London, UK, 11.5.05; Hi Ike, Just wanted to say played your track it's excellent. Hope it does well for you. take care Amber

Peter Jan, Pretoria, SA, 04.05.05; I really like your new material! It's even better than your debut album which I thought was brilliant!

Joanne van der Merve, Johannesburg, SA, 27.04.05; I'm excited to hear that you are finally coming back to SA. We are all very much looking forward to hearing all your new songs!!! When will the new album be released over here?

Josh, Franshoek, SA, 10.3.05; Heard your stuff on MFM. Best of luck! You are awesome!

Caroline Mayer, Cape Town, SA, 27.02.05; Dear Ike, I've heard your music and your interview on 104.5FM. I was amazed by your talent. I can't believe that you're not already storming the charts in SA!! You are much better that most of our local music. I believe that you will definitely make it, and I will bring all my friends to your next show!! You said you were considering a move back to SA. Please do!! We'll support you!! Love. Carol

Paul and Jason, Amsterdam, NL, 03.01.2005; Hey man, we really liked your show on new year's day evening! Well done!!

Janine van Dijk, Amsterdam, NL, 01.11.2004; Hoi Ike, your concert here was amazing. You have a great voice! Your new song PLAY ME was my favourite song of the night, but there were many others that were awesome too! When are you coming over again? Success!

Brian Scally, Karma Productions Ltd, Ireland, 06.10.2004; Dear Ike, We were impressed by the quality of your music. Your ability to write songs of a very high standard certainly comes across! The vocal melodies you are able to create are also very impressive. In terms of a favoured song, Fall into the Sun was the stand-out track for us!

Anonymous, UK, 02.10.04; Hey Ike, you are so sexy, man! We love you, Ike. Take your clothes off!!! V. xxxxxxxxxxx

Marijn (Spook), Deventer, Holland, 01.09.04; Thank you for the wonderful start of Café Backstage!! It couldn't have been better! I enjoyed it, and a lot (probably all of them) of my guests too! I shall follow you!! Keep up the very good work. Greetzzz Marijn 

Merc, Royal Oak, Michigan, USA, 14.08.04; Another thumbs up! Ike, I enjoyed your site. Your music sounds great!

O. Kazaki, Osaka, Japan, 13.08.04; Good sensitivity! I listened to your music in the nest of your website. The influence of Suede or Pulp is felt. I like it.

Merc, Royal Oak, Michigan, USA, 07.08.04; Nice job, Ike and Spiders! What a blast your tour must be! Hope you're over your cold now. Hey, who's doing the "oooh-oooh-oooh-oooh" for you on this piece? --sounds very in sync and relaxed!

Carianne Freebury, London, UK, 13.07.04; Dear Ike, From a fellow ex-Cape Townian, wanted to say how much I enjoyed your gig today (Sunday) at Zulus in Leytonstone. Judging by your fame, we were fortunate to have you there performing for our small audience!! ... I really appreciated the rock/pop vibe! ... It was perfect. Cheers, Carianne

Anonymous, 06.06.04; I love your work on your website. Very talentuous!

Paula Nixon, London, UK, 02.06.2004; Ultra melodic tunes with a touch of Morrissey. Keeps the listener listening!!

Tony Bates, Victoria, 94.1FM, Australia, 30.05.2004; MIRRORS & SHADE....absolutely excellent, congratulations! Have you got it on rotation at any other larger Radio Stations here? If not, I can give you a few addresses as it deserves wider airplay!! All the best with your gigs, Tony

Nobuyuki Furukawa, Okayama City, Japan, 22.05.2004; "wow ! what a nice guy!"

Shaun, ICARUS FALL, Johannesburg, South Africa, 18.05.2004; "Hey Ike, the MP3's of yours that I downloaded are awesome - Drowning and Fall Into The Sun. Very cool...I really enjoy your choice of chords that you use. I am hard-pressed to say what your influences are, so if you get a moment please let me know. Amazing vocal work as well. I'm gonna download more tracks today...."

Paul Heinhuis, Magic Mushroom Records, Holland, 17.5.2004; Ike and his band are spot on and all we can say is : A Big Congracts from us to Ike and his team !!!

Jason Reynolds, Allendale, MI, USA, 16.05.04; Ike, I was surfing on the net and the waves carried me towards your music. Man, where do you get these ideas for songs like 'Flame Blue'. It felt as if someone could look right into my soul and reflect a blurred image of myself (hey, I'm losing it...)! I fell in love with your songs. I cannot wait to hear the full versions when the CD arrives. God, there were so many shops to chose from on the net (finally went for CDBaby). Please put me on your mailing list & PLEASE, keep writing songs like these!!!!!! My review: Coldplay are 'nice', Suede are 'cool', Bowie is 'great' but IKE MORIZ is fantastic!

Liesl Graham, Cape Town, South Africa, 14.05.2004; "Hey Ike, ... I checked out your website,..very cool, unfortunately I couldn't access some of the stuff (news/pics etc). Well Done, you took the plunge and you're making your mark over there! At times the SA music scene really is serious infrastructure.... Anyway, I'd love to hear your music, I do have an ISDN connection, but seem to be struggling, no fear, I'll keep trying. Take Care Liesl Graham

Alexis, Kent, UK, 01.05.04; Hi, Ike, Your album looks great. I really like 'mirrors and shade', it's really cool! And I think that 'another day' is a wonderful song!

Sunny Chu, Reading, UK, 26.04.04; Hey, Ike: Just listened to your new songs on the radio, they're really great, Love them, so when will your next gig be?? Love to be there. So Proud of You- Ike, You "cat man" take care, talk to you later.

Sheila Doring, Cape Town, SA, 24.04.2004; So, what is this: no release of your album in South Africa? Come on! We need you here! When are you doing some gigs in Cape Town again? By the way, I adore your album! Best thing since Suede / Radiohead!!!

Gabriel, Leicestershire, UK, 21.04.2004; Finally! The album of Mr Moriz is on its way! Mirrors and Shade is absolutely stunning! How did you manage to keep it from us for such a long time? Keep up the great work. I can see this one hitting the charts!! Best of luck, Sir!

Dale Olivier, Oxford, UK, 11.02.04; RE.: "Mirrors and shade" (album title song): Bloody excellent mate! Couldn't get the song out of my head the whole of last weekend ! I was very impressed ! You really have done well. The production is amazing and the tune is even more catchy...where do you get them from ?

Isabelle Guns, Vancouver, Canada, 04.01.04; Re.: Starman: I like it a lot! I even danced to it - it was that good!, 03.01.04; Re.: Starman: I loved it man. You've got yourself a very sexy voice, lke, and this was a great cover of a great song!

Lesley, Spanwood, Canada, 12.12.03; Re.: Starman: eeeeeee! ^^ It sounds beautiful. i love that song a lot ^_^., 10.12.03; Re.: Starman: I'm not a musician, just a bowie fan. really liked your cover. clean, thoughtful... sounds the way bowie may have originally contemplated playing it himself. liked the added voice, or effect.

Uel, Hamburg, Germany, 05.12.03; Re.: Starman: Cool. You've got an interesting voice!, 01.12.03; Re.: Starman: Great version. this sounds really cool!!, Nov.2003; Re.: Mirrors and shade: I like what i heard.Your voice is really great. Are you releasing an album? If you are please tell me when and where i can get it.

Merc, Royal Oak, Michigan, USA, 19.11.03; Are all the covers this great? This is the first one I've heard. Excellent, very polished! I've been thinking of making a contribution, but --kauaah-cough-cough, been having some trouble with my recording equipment. I second that the song ended too quickly. I really preferred the sleepyspray visualization.

Roy Everitt, Kent, UK, 18.10.03; Great website! Re.: Starman: Well done I really enjoyed your version of this classic track. You've got a great voice and your version is different enough to be interesting but still remaining true to the original. My only critiscm is that it ended too quickly. I would love to hear a your cover of the whole Ziggy album. Good work.

Luiz Marcondes, Săo Paulo, Brazil, 06.10.03; Let the children boogie! Very, very good. You have a great voice! Kudos!

Steve, West Bend, Wisconsin, United States, 05.10.03; Re: Starman: Sweet! Best Bowie cover I've heard! Fantastic!

Karen, Wrexham, Wales, UK 27.9.03; Wow, I really like your version of "Starman", especially as it is one of my faves. I am glad you kept it close to the original. I am very impressed!

Shelby, Canada, 21.09.03; Listening to your song now. Very well done Sir.. very well done. Take a bow.

Julia, Bosnia,19.09.03; Awesome! You have a fabulous voice, this is so great! I played it full blast several times!! How about recording "Candidate", I think your sexy voice would do that really well...

Lily James, Bedford, UK, 12.09.03; Hi Ike! I've been listening to your No1 cd - I love it! Favorite song is "Another Day". My friends have heard it & they really liked it as well, but, being women, they were more interested in you. They think you are a hunk - I think I've secured you some screaming fans! Take care!

Martin Lawrence, London, UK, 24.08.03; Hi Ike, It was very nice meeting you after your great performance in Greenwich last weekend. 

STARMAN was my favorite song - a great cover! I've listened to your single YOU COULD. I don't regret buying it, but I do prefer the second song VISIONARY to the title song! It's got a lot of heart and urgency. A great recording that does show your excellent vocal abilities and songwriting skills. Keep up the good work and I'm looking forward to seeing you again live in London. Perhaps in Greenwich?

David Hart, Toronto, Canada, 18.07.2003; Re.: Cover version of 'Wild is the wind'(Bowie) - Very Beautiful singing Ike..that is wonderful..! Did you use the same music from David or is that your band?  It's mixed very nicely. I played it about five times. I was trying to think if there could have been more dynamics in the vocal at first and then the more I listened to your smooth delivery the more I enjoy it the way you do it. Lovely... 

Rike Düser, Mannheim, Germany, 20.05.03; Dear Ike, you know how much I love your voice and even more, if I got the chance to support you with mine. It's definitely an honor for me to make some music with you and I hope we'll be able to realize this more often. You also allowed me to sing two of your amazing songs, which made me feel very proud! I'm glad you liked my interpretation and I will always cherish this present! All that's left to say is: Thank you for your music! Only the best! Rike

Tony Bates, 3WBC 94.1 FM, Victoria, Australia, 04.05.03; I read through all the critiques and....they've got it wrong! They should read: "Ike Moriz, fresh from South Africa, based in London now, has a great debut album out. Top notch songs, without being either retro or pretentious; instantly memorable leaving you wanting more. So now we know where David Bowie gained his influence from!"

Mark Taylor, (Ex-manager of Springbok Nude Girls, South Africa), 28.04.03 Dear Ike! I heard the two singles - sounded great! Good luck - I'm thrilled to see your progress, not only in the reviews, but more specifically to hear the final product. After all, it's the song that counts, not the press. Kind regards, Mark

Anonymous, 25.04.03: Nice job, Ike and Spiders! What a blast your tour must be! Hope you're over your cold now. Hey, who's doing the "oooh-oooh-oooh-oooh" for you on this piece? --sounds very in sync and relaxed! 

Christy Collett, Gent, Belgium, 24.04.03; Hey IKE!!!!!!!!!! Greetings from Gent CHY

Mark Moffre, Florida, USA, 11.04.03; Re.: You could! Damn, you sure can crank out killer tunes..I love this one..The words and vocals are KILLER...This is a very good doesn't surprise me due to you talent.. Mark 

Andy Kelly, Dreamking Productions, Barrow, UK, 04.04.03; Hi Ike, I was very impressed with your music and your presentation!

Sheena Guy, Lochbroom FM, SCOTLAND, 20.03.03; Hi Ike, Many thanks for your current single "You Could". I can confirm that the single is receiving good airplay on Lochbroom FM. It's also had a few requests from our listeners. Our Specialist programmes which go out after 7pm is where your single is picking up most of the plays. All our best wishes with your single. As you can appreciate all radio stations at the moment are extremely busy with War about to break out anytime. Should you have any loved ones in the forces, my thoughts and prayers are with them and lets hope the lads and lassies all get home safe and well.

Andrew Reeve, Aardvark Records, UK, 14.03.03; Hey Ike, This is really good stuff, well impressed … Andy

Mark Moffre, Florida, USA, 11.03.03; Re.: Still - live version! You are on the charts!!! Damn at first I thought it was Bowie! Then you just carried your own ..Very short though.. From what I heard you sound great live! CONGRATULATIONS on your MUCH deserved success! Mark

Pamela Roberts & friends, London, UK, 08.03.03; I've actually managed to remember your web address from that weird American announcer. I just wanted to let you know that my mates and I really enjoyed your show. You've got a very positive aura on stage, a great voice and we enjoyed your songs very much - especially the second one (Still). Please let us know when you're playing again! You've definitely found some new fans that night!

M van Niekerk, Kimberly, South Africa, 04.03.03; Hi Ike, long time no see! I'm deeply impressed with what you've accomplished since leaving SA. Keep it real, we love your music and your site. I've just listened to STILL, and I think it's the best song you've done so far!! Well done for making us proud overseas!

Yvonne Anderson, London, UK, 18.02.03; Hello.... I love all three songs of the single... but want to say a little bit about each one individually… YOU COULD - Ike's voice sounds gorgeous in the this song (reminds me of David Bowie) and the chorus has a cool dreamy sound to it. Nice drums in this song too. VISIONARY - I like the hard constant guitar in the background as well as the guitar solo towards the end of the song. The chorus has an extremely memorable melody. DROWNING - Great song. Lyrics depict different things for different people, but from this song they really depict London for me. I also like the echo sound piano at the end. All songs are very good and I try to pick a favourite ..... I do like Visionary very much, but I love all three!

Graham J Barclay, SOUNDWAVE FM, Napier, New Zealand, 04.02.03; Hi Ike, We have the song "You Could" in our daily playlists, and the comments received back over the past two weeks have been very positive. From our point of view: Another well composed and presented track promising a stronger future for Ike. Great style with a positive attitude coming through in the track as it is heard.

Luc Hurt, Radio Aktiv, Luxembourg, 28.1.03; Hi, we played your Single YOU COULD for 4 weeks now on our Radio in Luxembourg. It's really not bad!

Eddy Schouten, HALORadio.COM, Netherlands, 27.1.03; "Dear Ike, we like YOU COULD a lot. Please include it on the upcoming album. It's much requested here at HALORadio.COM. It's been requested 29 times since it was in our system. Also your other songs are requested, but unfortunately not as much as "you could". When the new album comes out, please be so kind to sent us a copy. Thanking you in advance, wishing you good luck with recording the album."

Paul H., Magic Mushroom Records, Steenwijk, Netherlands, 19.12.02 "Just visited your website, really rockin'!"

Maaike, Rotterdam, Netherlands, 18.12.02; Hoi Ike! Just heard you (your songs YOU COULD and VISIONARY) on the radio and the announcer mentioned your site. He said that you're really making some waves in London. Well, no wonder, not only are you a good looking guy but you can sing and write these amazing songs. It's not fair. When are you doing your first tour on the continent?? Can't wait!

Stephanie B., Wentorf, Germany, 18.12.02; Hi Ike! Do you still remember me? I just came across your web site and I must admit that I’m deeply impressed. I would probably be even more impressed if my computer had a sound card However, I wish you all the best and keep up the great work! Merry Xmas and a happy new year!

Yolande C., Paarl, South Africa, 18.12.02. I've heard your debut single on KFM and I must say that it really made me stop and listen. Your voice and the whole sound is really different from what we usually get over here. I hope you will come back to Cape Town soon and do some concerts for us, your real fans!!

Uwe L.J., Reinbek, Germany, 17.12.02: Hey Ike. Since I bought a disc man, Im strolling through life with headphones on listening to your wonderful music all the time! The sound the whole vibe is just brilliant. One just cant get enough it’s a hook. I hope that you won’t only be in the SA Top 10 all the time, but in the European charts as well!

Dale O., London, UK, 04.12.02: Great stuff Ike, I am very impressed with what you've done. You seem to have put a lot of my advice to very good use mate and I wish you the best of luck. Well done you're a star.

Kelly T., London, UK, 28.11.02; I first saw you at a gig with your band Stunt Double at the Orange, which must have been almost 2 years ago. You were wearing a frilly red velvet shirt. The music was a bit hard but I loved your performance. I've been hooked since. I think it's great that you went solo and I love your new songs, especially Another Day!

Kobus, Cape Town, South Africa, 3.11.02; I am very impressed with your success with 'Fall into the Sun' Good luck and keep up the good work. Groetnis & Liefde van die see se punt

Catrin, Oxford, UK, 26.10.02: "hi i've heard your songs on the internet and they're amazing, you have such a distinctive voice, in fact, you remind me of the lead singer of suede. i saw your photos and you have a great sense of style, do you ever gig in oxford?"

Michelle, South Africa, 8.10.02; I went and looked at your website. So you're doing us proud over there in London? :) Well, judging by the way local music has grown here in the past decade I'm not surprised. There was a time when "local is lekker" could be a bit embarrassing, but nowadays I'd rate SA musicians as some of the best out there.

Kai Moriz, 3.10.02; Hey Ike, since I first met you, I was impressed by your creativity. You started your singing-career right from the very first moment () - every night! At the age of four you mixed up my sacred tape deck, and your little sister started crying when you did your early morning sound checks at the age of five. Anyhow, I remember that great two and a half-thousand-audience at the City Hall in Cape Town with soloist Ike. To see you and your unconventional web site now, with all the current successes, full of splendid ideas and your own fascinating songs, I know it makes you and I very happy! Thank you son, with love Dad

Deon Behrens, Cape Town, South Africa, 13.8.02; At first I thought it wasn't you, but have changed over the last few years, wow!. Great to see that your career is taking off, you always wanted that, I am glad. All the best and let me know when you are in CT again so that I can come and listen. Good luck, good luck, good luck......The web-site looks great !!

Melanie L., Brighton, UK, 9.8.02; Had a look at your web site and think it is really effective and well designed. Really enjoyed the music - Fall into the sun is particularly infectious. Am looking forward to making it to a gig!